Speaker Academy #18: Client Honor Roll – great and valued business partners

This is the latest in the Speaker Academy series, which started here. The series is addressed to patients and advocates who basically know how to speak on a subject but want to make a business out of it. I’ll try to be clear to all readers, but parts may assume you’ve read earlier entries.

In #16 I said “For a small business, cash is king.” This is especially true for patients who are trying to build a small business in speaking, with no financial backing. In this post I want to “spotlight the spotless” – my clients who have honored our partnership by paying every single invoice within the agreed time of 30 days. Thank you!! A couple of foonotes before we start:

  • Date range: This is for events starting January 2013 and ending April 2014. (This May’s events haven’t reached 30 days yet.)
    • I hope to dig back earlier, but before 2013 I was in survival mode and my records were sometimes not accurate. Meanwhile, clients – if you remind me that you paid promptly I’ll be glad to include you – just let me know!
  • Special honor: Some clients are so great that they’re in a special category – they paid on-site or EARLY! (And they reimbursed my out-of-pocket expenses promptly.) So I’ll start with them:

Special honor: at the event (or before!) Last updated March 13, 2015

These clients paid their deposit and expenses on time, and paid the rest of my fee at the event – or even before! In chronological order, starting 1/1/2013:

  1. Dignity Health, March 2013
  2. Michigan Hospital Association, May 2013
  3. SAS Institute, May 2013 (via Collaborative Agency)
  4. PFCC Partners annual meeting, June 2013
  5. Iowa HospitalAssociation (Executive Speakers Bureau), June 2013
  6. National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Aug. 2013
  7. Kansas Hospital Association (Executive Speakers Bureau), Aug. 2013
  8. Qualidigm (CMS’s Connecticut Quality Improvement Organization), Sept. 2013
  9. ESRD Webinar (End Stage Renal Disease), Sept. 2013
  10. Tennessee Hospital Association (Executive Speakers Bureau), Nov. 2013
  11. Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (Executive Speakers Bureau), April 2014
    ———- Additions since original post: —————–
  12. Arizona Hospital Association  (Executive Speakers Bureau), May 2014
  13. Arkansas Hospital Association  (Executive Speakers Bureau), October 2014
  14. IPPOSI (Irish Patients Platform), Nov. 2014


Honor Roll  Last updated March 13, 2015

These clients (2013 and later) paid every single invoice within 30 days. Thank you!

  1. Aligning Forces for Quality speaking tour, Humboldt CA, Jan. 2013
  2. Health Action Council, Columbus OH, Jan. 2013
  3. “My Health Counts” TV program (WNED-TV), Feb. 2013
  4. Institute of Medicine roundtable, Feb. 2013
  5. Regional Telehealth Conference (Billings, MT), March 2013
  6. IKF (my Swiss host), March 2013
  7. Saskatchewan Health Quality Council Summit, April 2013
  8. Wharton MBA Lecture, April 2013
  9. British Medical Journal (essay honorarium), April 2013
  10. BMJ / IHI Quality Forum, April 2013
  11. Michigan Hospital HR Conference, April 2013
  12. Maine Hospital Association (Executive Speakers Bureau), June 2013
  13. The Alliance (book order), June 2013
  14. U of Wisconsin web lecture (Patti Brennan), July 2013
  15. AHRQ / Westat, July 2013
  16. Meditech (LSS Data Systems), Aug. 2013
  17. Book order – National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Aug. 2013
  18. Stratis Health (project work), summer 2013
  19. Trillium Partners “Back to School” conference, Sept. 2013
  20. Book order – Orion Health, Sept. 2013
  21. Schulman Associates IRB, Sept. 2013
  22. Facilities Guidelines Institute, Sept. 2013
  23. Berci’s social media course at Semmelweiss University, Budapest, Sept. 2013
  24. NEHI annual meeting, Oct. 2013
  25. NEHI book order, Oct. 2013
  26. World Parkinson’s Congress, Oct. 2013
  27. Penna Hosp. & HC Association (Executive Speakers Bureau), Oct. 2013
  28. National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, Oct. 2013
  29. Partnership for Quality Care, Nov. 2013
  30. Nebraska Hospital Association (Executive Speakers Bureau), Nov. 2013
  31. AMIA Fall Symposium, Nov. 2013
  32. Heartland Kidney Network, Nov. 2013
  33. Executive Speakers Bureau (internal event), Jan. 2014
  34. NQF Annual Meeting, Feb. 2014
  35. HIMSS consumer symposium, March 2014
  36. Wharton MBA lecture, March 2014
  37. National Board of Medical Examiners 100th annual meeting, April 2014
    ———- Additions since original post: —————–
  38. Mississippi Healthcare Symposium, June 2014
  39. Mississippi Hospital Association, June 2014
  40. American Association of Nurse Practitioners, June 2014
  41. Telligen, June 2014
  42. Rhode Island Quality Institute, July 2014
  43. A.I.R. PCORI project, July 2014
  44. National Quality Forum outcomes project, August 2014
  45. Vancouver Island Health Authority, August 2014
  46. Health Informatics Society of Australia, August 2014
  47. AHRQ / Westat, Sept. 2014
  48. Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Sept. 2014
  49. Summit of the Southeast (HIMSS Tennessee chapter), Sept. 2014
  50. UMC Radboudt (Lucien Engelen), Sept. 2014
  51. Montana Hospital Association (Executive Speakers Bureau), Sept. 2014
  52. Philippine Society for Medical Oncology webcast, Oct. 2014
  53. AMIA (Cerner event), Oct. 2014
  54. Vintura (Dutch consulting firm), Oct. 2014
  55. Association of American Medical Colleges (Leading Authorities agency), Nov. 2014
  56. SC Hospital Association, Nov. 2014
  57. Brown University, Dec. 2014
  58. Roche National Conference (Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau), Jan. 2015
  59. Wharton MBA Lecture, Feb. 2015

Thank you, every one of you. It’s such a blessing to close out an event on schedule, with no follow-on paperwork!

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