The e-Patient Boot Camp: a full day workshop

Lecturing at FutureMed, at Ray Kurzweil's Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View

Patient engagement is reshaping healthcare. Learn how. Learn why. Learn what to do.

First American edition: January 27, New York. Agenda and logistics below. Registration is now open on EventBrite.

e-Patients are equipped, enabled, empowered, and engaged in their care. They form empowered care partnerships with enlightened clinicians, sharing the load as well as the steering wheel. And they connect with each other, sharing knowledge and experiences in ways that were never before possible.

This is changing healthcare – reshaping what’s possible.

Learn how, learn why, and learn what to do, in this in-depth training from e-Patient Dave, the best-known spokesman of patient engagement. Save the date – registration should open the week of December 19.

Preliminary Agenda:

N.B.: Actual details are in development. An expert panel is expected, and hands-on web exercises; the following is a draft.

The e-Patient Boot Camp is the first-ever compilation of my keynotes and panel presentations from the past two years, speaking to dozens of audiences in many sectors: hospitals, care plans, small group practices, governments, government contractors, Federal policy meetings, health IT – everything from the Quantified Self to the Israel Internet Society, from healthcare improvement to the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life.  Get thousands of dollars of conference content in a single day, plus hands-on:

  • Session 1: History of Patient Engagement, and a Case Study
    • Medical and cultural precursors; pioneers of e-patient behavior
    • Case study: my near-fatal cancer, and how the internet supplemented the excellent medical and surgical care I received
    • Pay it forward: my first blog
  • Session 2: “e-Patients: Empowered, Engaged, Equipped, Enabled”
    • Discovering the e-patient movement and “the e-Patient White Paper”
    • How can it be that patients – without medical degrees – can genuinely bring value to the table??
    • Health on the internet: harnessing the value, preventing the risks
    • Doctors online – shifting the balance of online quality
  • Session 3: “Give Us Our Data” – reshaping care through health IT
    • The validity and usefulness of patient access to medical records
    • Patient engagement becomes Federal policy: the US government’s Meaningful Use rules
    • Data quality in our medical records: my experience
    • “Google Earth for my body”
    • Innovation in the era of Open Data; the Startup Health initiative
  • Session 4: The future of “e”: other e-patients and reshaping the care dynamic
    • We are many: other e-patients and their stories
    • e-Patients and clinical trials
    • Shared Decision Making: Engaged patients at the decision table
    • A glimpse of the future: What Watson may mean for e-patients and their clinicians
  • Plus: hands-on exercises. Bring your own browser – possible examples:
    • Researching disease information – filtering the gold from the garbage
    • Patient communities
    • Group discussions

Curriculum can be customized for future events; see below.

Who should attend

People who want to understand how e-patients are reshaping what’s possible in healthcare. Health workers, government policy people, innovators, investors, anyone.

And patients, and their “e-patient proxies”: friends, relatives, community health workers.

Your instructor

“e-Patient Dave” is a dynamic, highly rated international keynote speaker, author, and advisor on government policy. The Boston Globe called him “a recognized online champion of participatory medicine,” Health Leaders featured him in its “Patient of the Future” cover story and named him (and his physician, Dr. Danny Sands) to their “Twenty People Making Healthcare Better.” See his bio, his Wikipedia page, testimonials, honors, videos of past speeches, and his TEDx talk (with standing ovation!) in the Netherlands this April.

Front cover

Your schwag

Registrants who pay in advance will also receive:

  • A Boot Camp t-shirt
  • Dave’s first book, Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a Pig: How an empowered patient beat Stage IV cancer (and what healthcare can learn from it.) Get it signed on-site!

Registration and Logistics

  • Where: Edelman, 250 Hudson St, New York, N.Y. (Lower Manhattan)
  • When: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Friday, January 27, 2012.
  • Price:
  • $499.
  • Patients just $10, space allowing. Must apply for this status, on the ticket purchase page.
  • 50% off for health professionals who bring one of their patients and promise to practice what we’ll preach.
  • Registration is now open on EventBrite.
  • No recordings, please.

    Future Boot Camps

    We seek partnerships with regional healthcare thought leaders, around  to c0-brand, co-promote, and produce this event, adjacent to major conferences or as an independent event, public or private. See the contact page.

    Optional modules for custom boot camps:

    The e-Patient Boot Camp is in its early days, crafted out of two years of speaking engagements. Additional content is in development for delivery in private or public sessions. Examples:

    • Deep dive on Meaningful Use – regulations and reality from the patient perspective
    • Challenges of diagnosis and how e-patients can help
    • Projects already underway with open health data: the VA’s Blue Button; the Direct Project
    • Healthcare: the only industry where quality’s not defined by the customer.
      • Implications for transformation efforts and quality improvement.
    • Deep dive on shared medical decision making and practice variation: realities, problems, impact on costs and happiness
    • Safety and medical errors: what you need to know and what to do about it
    • Researching: Evaluating what you read, in the mass media, online, and in medical journals
    • Patient communities: finding them, starting them
    • Social media and healthcare: finding what you need, sharing what you have

    Additional modules about inspiration, life, and dealing with disease, not specific to patient engagement:

    • The power of  attitude in the face of obstacles
    • Facing death: my experience as a patient confronting the end of life.
      • Note: Your time will come; your parents’ time will come.
      • Patient & family engagement in end of life decisions
    • Attitude in the face of illness: evidence, and being powerful in the absence of evidence
    • Disease happens while life is happening: getting by, making do, making the most of it – how to “laugh, sing, and eat like a pig” no matter what life hands you.

    As I’ve said before, having faced the end, and survived, I’m using my “free replay” to change the world. Let me know how we can work together.

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