Honors and Service

I’m humbled, happy and grateful when someone sees value in my work. Recognition indicates the potential of inviting engaged patients into the conversation.

Boards and Steering Committees


Advisory contract: TrialReach

Past advisory boards: Hello Doctor; AdhereTx; Happtique Certification Program Blue Ribbon Panel


Health IT changeagents_dgNovember 2014: HIT Consultant 15 Influential ePatients and Patient Advocates to Follow

October 2014: HealthIT Outcomes Health IT Change Agents 2014.

May 2014: MDigitalLife 5: Who Doctors ACTUALLY follow – Healthcare People Edition. #2 in the list.

April 2014: eMedCert 100: Top 100 Twitter Accounts For Healthcare Professionals To Follow

February 2014: Healthcare I.T. News Man of the Year in “Shapers & Influencers”

December 2013: 100 Healthcare and Digital Health Influencers to Follow (Marie Ennis O’Connor)

MCCSM Platinum Fellow BadgeOctober 2013: Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media – Platinum Fellow (see blog post)

July 2013: Health IT 100 most influential Twitter users (#47)

June 2013, MHADegree.org (Masters in Health Administration): Top 50 Healthcare Influencers To Follow On Twitter

December 2012, Forbes: 13 To Watch in 2013: The Unsung Heroes Changing Health Care Forever (by Leah Binder, CEO of Leapfrog Group)

July 2012: Health IT 100 most influential Twitter users (#46)

January 2012: Klout’s Top 10 healthcare influencers From PCWorld: “Your Klout score is based on three major ranking factors.

  • True Reach is the number of people who act on and share your content, with spam and bots removed from the equation.
  • Amplification is a measure of how likely people are to act upon your shared content.
  • Network gives you marks for having top influencers in your circle; if they share your content, your Klout score goes up.

March 2011: Twitter Powerhouses (Huffington Post) Title of Huffington Post piece “… they participate in the international, empowering conversation that Twitter provides to hundreds of millions. … What’s different about these men and women? … they push beyond the boundaries of creativity, and use social media to impact and enrich the lives and ambitions of their followers.”

February 2011: Health Engagement Strategy. Blog post here.

Health Engagement Strategy award

January 2011: Nominee for Best Patient Blog, Medgadget, January 2011

December 2009: Health Leaders magazine’s “Twenty People Who Make Healthcare Better” (with Dr. Danny Sands)

And from my previous life, in web marketing and analytics: November 2008: Salesforce.com “Appy Award” for marketing excellence

Accepting the award from CEO Marc Benioff

1 comment to Boards & Awards

  • Dear Dave,

    I wrote to you from my newly created Twitter account @Your_Advocate asking to discuss your “Standard of Care” idea. I have a strong interest in creating a website to help patients fight their commercial and Medicare insurance denials. Having a research area within the site that allows patients to understand their treatment options feels like a natural fit to this content.

    I have looked into creating a 501C3 and want to offer help to people free of charge. I have a lot of experience in the medical device field and have been working as an advocate and marketer since 2007.

    Do you have the time and inclination to discuss this further?

    Best regards, Catherine

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