Yo, y’all: I’m FINE :)

Thank you, all of you who’ve written to express concern. But I seem to have come across as more concerned than I am.

Yeah, I have Stuff To Deal With.  Skin cancer (yawn), eye drops (irritating actually) & tests, and dental stuff (annoying cost-wise but I have a damn good dentist I’ve been with since 1980 … post-grad work at the Pankey Institute, heavily patient-centered). Yeah, I have Stuff. But I’m fine. (See the photo, right, taken two weeks ago in San Francisco with the amazing Hugo Campos, whose “gimme my data” TEDx talk is the recent darling of the e-patient world. He Photoshopped a background of numbers into it – wish I could do that!)

I’m not depressed.

I’m not gloomy.

I’m not worried. (This bears no resemblance to metastatic kidney cancer.)

I’m just taking care of myself, proactively. There’s more to e than treatment – a citizen who’s engaged in their health also takes care of themselves, including extra rest when necessary.

I will say, it’s very different to seek care in two fields that are new to me (opthalmology and skin cancer) now that I have three years of e-patient thinking behind me. (As I said the other day, it’s time to practice what I preach.)

I have an intense week coming up at the big HIMSS health IT convention in Las Vegas. I’m taking my wife (yay!), and I will not go to all the frenetic meet-ups and elbow-rubs that everyone else seems to be attending.

Again, thanks for caring. I have lots I’d like to write about my RFP process, and I will, but honestly, the lack of more posts is because I’m taking care of my awesome daughter’s daddy.:) And that’s a good thing.

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