Links for e-Patient Boot Camp #003 (Florida Health Care Coalition)

Here are links to content discussed in the e-Patient Boot Camp Monday, and my keynote and session Tuesday. Thanks to the Florida Health Care Coalition’s board for supporting the boot camp – I look forward to following up with participants!

1 comment to Links for e-Patient Boot Camp #003 (Florida Health Care Coalition)

  • Jim F.

    Mr. DeBronkart,

    Thank you so much for taking time to visit with the Florida Health Care Coalition. I was fortunate to attend your boot camp and listen to your presentation the next day.

    After listening to your speech I realized that as “patients” we need to become more engaged in our own health care. During our upcoming open enrollment presentations I will make sure to spread the engagement message and provide them with tools that we make available to our employees to become better engaged in their health.

    Jim – Jupiter, Florida

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