e-Patient request: colon cancer communities

Regular readers know that I sometimes will post an e-patient request, and some of those answers go into my list of patient communities on this site. Here’s one I can’t believe I haven’t written up, because I know there are lots of them!  But that’s probably why nobody’s ever asked, here.

Colon cancer

An audience member from overseas writes saying that a relative has been suddenly diagnosed with colon cancer, with poor prognosis.  I went to my Communities page and found nothing. That’s crazy because I know there are lots of communities for colon-related conditions. (My page has several for Crohn’s and colitis, but not colon cancer.)  Who are you, out there??

My memory is notoriously bad so I apologize for not remembering you all. Off the top of my head I remember:

Who else??  As always, answers will be recorded on the Communities page, for others to find. Thanks!


5 comments to e-Patient request: colon cancer communities

  • Celine

    Dear all,

    I am Celine from belgium. My uncle was diagnosed a few months ago with metastatic coloncancer and they give him 12 weeks… He is now in verry bad shape and the whole family is heartbroken. He stays now in the hospital of Leuven and waits for his immunotherapy treatement that starts in 4 weeks… But I don’t think he is going to make it…

    Have any of you please some advice or possible treatements?

  • e-Patient Dave

    From Marcia Illian Banta on Facebook:

    Colon Cancer Support – Help Fight Colon Cancer Through Donations for Research, Treatment &…

    The Chris4LIfe Colon Cancer Foundation was created to help find a cure for colon cancer, improve the lives of patients diagnosed with colon cancer, and increase awareness of the life-saving importance of early screening for colon cancer

  • e-Patient Dave

    From Anthony White on Facebook (not specific to colon cancer):

    Emotional Support for Cancer

    How to find groups that provide emotional support for cancer patients and their families, types and value of cancer support groups.

  • Hi Dave,
    We have a peer-to-peer community, the Fight Colorectal Cancer/Inspire Support Community, that we created in partnership with the nonprofit advocacy organization Fight Colorectal Cancer: http://www.inspire.com/groups/fight-colorectal-cancer. Thanks.
    –John Novack, Inspire

  • kgapo

    Hi Dave,
    There are several colon cancer groups in Europe, but in Europe most groups refrain from offering advice on treatments or doctors.There is also the European umbrella organization for colon cancer in Brussels for Celine to contact.
    She may also call at our ECPC office in Brussels to ask for a list of cancer patient groups in Belgium http://www.ecpc.org
    However, I am still confident that the acor.org cancer patient groups are the most expert ones and willing to offer tips to other patients.

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