Abington Memorial already *has* a shared care plan

In How Patient-Provider Engagement Can Transform Patient Safety I proposed a shared care plan, which the patient and family would be able to read. I just learned that Abington Memorial Hospital, outside Philadelphia, already offers a daily one. Click the image to see a PDF.

They have many anecdotes of medical errors that were avoided because the patient and family could see the plan, point out allergies, note things that didn’t get done during the day, etc.

How did they do this? Custom programming? Yes and no: it’s a report they created on their Eclipsys medical record system.

Wonderful! This is one example of the great potential of health IT, to leverage information for better care. Let patients help.

Hospitals, can you do the same? The people at Abington are happy to share.

Read Abington’s press release about the “CARE Plan” (Communication, Access to info, Resources & Education), for which they won a 2008 Magnet Prize.

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