Links from the e-Patient Boot Camp

The last ones still here for the belated class photo: host Shwen of Edelman, @TiffanyAndLupis, Siet, Jay @J_Nagy, Christine @bydls, @ePatientDave, Allison @AMBlass, and Jeff

This page contains links to content discussed in the e-Patient Boot Camp today.

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  • (Did I take a nice picture, or what?)

    It was my pleasure and priviledge to be there yesterday. I’m still reeling from all I learned, and was thrilled to meet so many great people!

    A BIG shout-out to Shwen and Edelman, hosts for this important event! For the first time ever, we Patient Advocates were invited to the “Penthouse” level (figuratively and physically) to participate in a meaningful disussion about how we can help improve health care. It was energizing and thought-provoking….and smart business on many levels.

    Also, can I say enough about Dave? He, like us, bemoans the fact that it costs a lot of money to attend most conferences and seminars about patient engagement – a cost that ironically puts attendence by most patients/advocates out of reach. Well, Dave walks the walk. Patients got to attend for 10 bucks. Hats off – and an ePatient salute – to a guy who really means it when he says “nothing about us, without us”. Your generosity in sharing all you’ve learned, your collaborative approach, and your charisma as a speaker are instructive to all of us who hope to make a difference!

  • Ileana

    From DiabetesMine – Allison’s feedback has great nuggets and videos with Dave and other participants.

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